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I am Ulysses - Illustrated book project

Io Sono Ulisse (I am Ulysses) is a text by Giovanna Zoboli inspired by the Odyssey written in 2018 to celebrate the La Spezia shipyards San Lorenzo included in Almanac Nr. 1, Sanlorenzo Voyage Adventure and originally illustrated by Guido Scarabottolo.

Starting from the text, I have created this project proposal that unfolds in 11 single illustrated tables, with the verses printed and numbered on the back plus a table with the complete text. The tables are found inside a box with a laminated print showing simply the title and a lance, a recurring archetype in the illustrations and which represents Ulysses.

The reader enters an immersive visual experience, where each table lives as part of a whole, but also as a single item that can be used or exhibited as an art print.

Scroll down to see the project.

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