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For a number of years I have been reconnecting with manual drawing through a constant academic approach and I have been studying the techniques thoroughly, from life drawing to illustration studies.

I’ve attended many courses and workshops with renowned illustrators and specialized in watercolor technique. Click here to learn more.

For some years I am working with the theatre company Il Sipario Onirico and other directors for whom I illustrate the posters for performances



- Finalist at Orvieto Cinema Fest and participation in the exhibition Call for artist L’Invisibile in Orvieto city.

Finalist at Premio Tarantasio organized by Comune di Paullo and participation in the exhibition "La luce dell'ombra" in Paullo.


- Long list Finalist at 7th Fida Awards.

- Long list Finalist at 8th Fida Awards.


- Short list Finalist at 9th Fida Awards.

Click on the images below to learn more about my projects and follow me on Instagram on instagram to see all my latest works. 

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